Keynote Speakers & Project Leaders

You want to become an expert and project leader at the BIGSSS Computational Social Science Summer School on Migration? Apply here until November 30, 2018!

Experts and project leaders are crucial for the success of the summer school and its projects. They are knowledgeable either in computational social science methods or migration research (or both) and have some experience in supervising motivated junior scientists. Experts and projects leaders propose an own research project for the summer school for which interested junior scientists can apply. During the summer school, they work together with one other expert and up to four students on their proposed topic. We, therefore, welcome experts/project leader-team applications. They supervise their project team and ideally finish the project with a publication. Approximately 50 percent of the summer school will be devoted to project work which can be freely structured by the experts and project leaders. In addition, we expect them to give one plenary lecture or hands-on workshop for all summer school participants in order to give all participants a broader overview of the field.  



NEWS: Two keynote speakers confirmed! Find out more about them:

George Barnett | Dirk Brockmann


George Barnett | UC Davis (USA)

George Barnett has expertise in international and intercultural communication, and in social networking and other communication networks — notably, the roles of international telephone and Internet communications in social and economic development, cultural change, and the process of globalization. He has served as chair of the Communication and Technology Division of the International Communication Association, and as president of the International Network of Social Network Analysis.

Professor Barnett studies structural models of the role of communication in social and cultural processes. His numerous publications encompass analyses of social and cognitive system dynamics, and the ways in which social and communication networks evolve over time. He investigates the development of tools and methods for examination of cognitive, organizational, social, and communication networks; diffusion of communication and information technologies; and mathematical models of adoption and discontinuance of innovations.


Dirk Brockmann | Humboldt University Berlin & Robert Koch Institute (Germany)

Dirk Brockmann is Professor at the Institute for biology and leader of the Brockmann Lab at the  Humboldt University of Berlin and the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin (Germany). He studied physics and mathematics at Duke University (USA) and University of Göttingen (Germany). In his research, he focuses on the dynamics of infectious diseases, the development of computer simulations and mathematical modeling using big data. In light of emerging infectious diseases, he and his colleagues consider the role of human travel for the dynamics of epidemics. For example, based on the computer simulations he was involved in tracing and reconstructing the outbreak of Ebola in 2014 and predicting the routes of the Virus out of Africa into other continents.