Application instruction for EasyChair


To apply, please prepare the material as listed in the call in one pdf file and submit it via EasyChair (follow the instructions below).

We can only consider complete applications submitted via EasyChair.


Instruction for applying with EasyChair
  1. Open the EasyChair link provided in the call.
  2. If you have an EasyChair account, log in with your credentials. If not, you first have to register with EasyChair by clicking create an account. Follow the instructions.
  3. When you are logged-in, you will see the BIGSSS-CSS Summer School 2020 “Conference”-Page. Click enter as an author.
  4. Now, you are on the submission-page. Enter your correspondence address and author information.
  5. We use some of the following EasyChair fields and check boxes to record your project preferences (check the list of projects) and some other information
    • Title: Your first preference for a project you like to participate in.
    • Keywords: A ranked list of the three projects you like to participate in.
    • Topics:  Click at least the three projects you would like to participate (same as ranked list).
    • Other information: Tick the other boxes to your wishes and circumstances.
    • Upload: Upload the required documents (check the Call for Participation) in one PDF file.
    • Submit
  6. Check: Check your inbox (after some minutes) to find a confirmation of your submission.

If you have any problems with submission do not hesitate to contact us at css [at] bigsss-bremen [dot] de